B.2 Vesting in Your Normal Retirement Age Benefits if You Have Not Been a Participant After June 30, 1999.

If you have been a Participant and were not in a Break in Service after June 30, 1990 but have not been a Participant after June 30, 1999, you become vested as shown in the following table:

Years of Vesting Service Percent Vested
Less than 5 0%
5 (after June 30, 1990) but less than 10 50%
10 or more 100%

The Normal Retirement Age vesting rules in Section 3, Vesting, otherwise apply; except where it appears in Section 3.2, Vesting Service, 250 hours is increased to 1,000 hours, and where it appears in Section 3.4, Break-in-Service, 250 hours is increased to 500 hours.


Retirement and related ben­efits for participants.