Alaska Teamster-Employer Welfare and Pension Trust Plans are happy to provide you with a variety of Wellness Programs to help you improve the quality of care that you receive, navigate the health care system, and provide you with access to health care professionals 24/7!

BridgeHealth Medical

BridgeHealth Medical is available to provide an innovative program, BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Management, that lowers the impact of surgery costs by identifying patients who are likely to elect surgery and engaging them in a shared decision-making process and give them access to centers of excellence in the Lower 48.

HealthCare Strategies

The Plan has partnered with HealthCare Strategies, Inc. (HCS) to provide their HealthReach program. HCS has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to disease management. HealthReach provides ongoing education, support, and mentoring to employees and their covered dependents that live with challenging medical conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and others.

Life Events

Wherever life takes you, know your benefit impact.