If, after retirement, you work 40 or more hours in Suspendible Employment, you will forfeit your right to benefits for those months. Click here to see the SPD regarding these rules and for a definition of Suspendible Employment.

In the event your benefits must be suspended, you will receive a notice by mail or personal delivery including the reasons for the suspension and the procedures you need to follow to resume payments or to request a review of the suspension. Your payments will resume shortly after the Trustees receive your written notice that you worked less than 40 hours in Suspendible Employment during a payroll month.

Note: You will earn additional benefit accruals for any Suspendible Employment that is also Covered Employment, which will be paid at age 65, or if later, upon your subsequent retirement.

Plan Checklist

  • If you are retired and contemplating returning to work, you may make a written request to the Trust Customer Service Office to find out if a specific employment situation is Suspendible Employment. Use the Suspendible Employment Determination Form.
  • If you are retired and work, or plan to work, you must notify the Trust Customer Service Office of your employment. Use the Resumption Form (Return to Work).
  • If you are retired, the Trust Customer Service Office may make a request (once in any 12 month period) for you to provide information to determine if you are working in Suspendible Employment. If you do not respond, your benefit payments may be withheld until you provide this information.
  • If you are retired and your benefits have been suspended, be sure to notify the Trust Customer Service Office in writing when you terminate Suspendible Employment in order to resume your benefit payments as soon as possible.

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