D.1 Return to Covered Employment Before September 1999

If after retiring you return to Covered Employment on or before August 31, 1999, the monthly benefit amount you earn following such retirement will be calculated based on your age on your original Retirement Date. If you work 5,000 or more hours after your retirement, your age is “unlocked” and increased by your adjustment months (up to your age at second retirement). Adjustment months are your Contributory Hours (up to 2,076 per year) worked during your return to Covered Employment, divided by 173. This adjustment will increase the benefit amount you receive upon your second retirement. If you again return to Covered Employment, your benefits earned following your second retirement will not be payable earlier than age 65.

See Appendix F for rules that apply to return to Covered Employment before July 1, 1990.


Retirement and related ben­efits for participants.