Open Enrollment FAQs

If you have questions about Open Enrollment, you may be able to find the answer here. If not, remember that you can always contact our office in Anchorage for more information. You can call the Trust office at (907)751-9700 or (800)478-4450 if you have any questions.

Q. What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the period of time that occurs once a year in which you can add or remove eligible dependents from your health coverage and review your benefits. This ensures that your health coverage accurately reflects your family composition and changing insurance needs based on your and your spouse’s employment and insurance situation.

Q. What are the three Plan Levels available for the Open Enrollment?

A. The three Plan Levels are Employee OnlyEmployee Plus, and Family.

Plan Level Who is Covered Cost
Employee Only Covers only the Eligible Employee $1204
Employee Plus Covers the Eligible employee and either their Eligible Spouse or their Eligible Children, but not both $1804
Family Covers the Eligible Employee, their Eligible Spouse and their Eligible Children $2406

Q. What is the Composite Rate for the Open Enrollment and who is covered?

A. For Composite members, Family coverage is automatically provided.

Plan Level Who is Covered Cost
Family Covers the Eligible Employee, their Eligible Spouse and their Eligible Children $1951


Q. When is my Enrollment form due?

A. Your completed Enrollment form must be received by the Plan Office by the close of business on November 21, 2020. You can mail in your completed Enrollment form, drop it off at the Anchorage Office, or complete the Enrollment form online.

Q. When does the election I have made for Plan Level coverage become effective?

A. January 1, 2021 – provided that you have been eligible under the Plan.

Q. Can I change my Plan Level after this Open Enrollment period?

A. Each year (generally in the 4th quarter), for coverage effective January 1, you will have an opportunity to enroll and change the Plan Level you previously selected, including changes to your covered family members.

Of course, you are permitted to change your Plan Level at any time if there is a qualifying “special enrollment” event, such as the birth of a child or a marriage.

Q. How do I add eligible dependents to my health coverage?

A. You must submit an Enrollment form and elect a level/option that covers eligible dependents and send any required documentation to the Plan Office.

If you are adding eligible dependents, you will need to provide the following documentation to the Trust Office in the event it has not been previously submitted: (1) a marriage certificate if you are married, (2) birth certificates for your dependent children (including adopted children and step-children) as well as (3) any applicable legal documentation (e.g. adoption papers and/or child custody/support agreements), (4) Dependents will not be added without a valid Social Security Number.